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All of our website hosting packages are designed with a view to the evolving nature of the world wide web and the changing needs of business, so your website hosting plan should evolve with the web and its consequential technical improvements. Our website hosting plans are cheaper than most but not all. Bordernet Ltd design, implement, market and support websites with the specific goal of making your business visible because it is our belief that a successful website is one that attracts visitors and to that end the single most important aspect with the exception of perhaps layout and design is to drive traffic to your website. There is no point in having a website if no one knows about.

To this end we have several packages:

  • Entry level (for personal pages and low traffic sites)
  • Brochure site (a site with just a few pages delivering a message and company profile with emphasis on stunning graphics)
  • Small Business Plan [a three to five page site for marketing your business]
  • E-commerce business solution (a full e-shop capable of trading in any currency and can be seamlessly migrated to any language with English, German and Spanish as default)

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