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Companies need to think very carefully about their website design. Customers show far less brand loyalty online than they do on the high street and have little time for poor websites. Layout, page width, colour scheme, navigation, brand focus, functionality, loading time and content should be meticulously thought through. Most new media agencies would work with their clients to build client persona matrices or a profile of likely users of the site (age, sex, location, occupation, interests, etc) and thus create the design, site logic and deployment of evolving web technologies with this insight in mind.

Businesses nowadays also need to consider site security, data protection and whether their site complies with the Disability Discrimination Act and the Companies Act. Multiple rounds of user testing during the design cycle are needed to fine tune usability, user experience and brand image. Finally, the personas would need to be validated through post-launch analytics and feedback.

Our website designers consider accessibility, usability, site structure/navigation and recommendations from industry bodies such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) when building sites. We ensure that each website we build maximises its aesthetic appeal and functionality and allows for seamless navigation of content.

We have considerable experience in providing tailored solutions to ensure that we offer you a cost-effective solution which caters for all of your requirements, with comprehensive after sales support.

Our Approach

We focus on an integrated approach, taking time to understand the brief and the technical implementation required, investing in user-centric design approaches and taking brand requirements into account. Our agile development practices stress interactive design, client management skills and lots of client facing time. We focus on the user experience, strong brand imaging and use multiple rounds of user testing during the design cycle. We create personas through accurate and in-depth user research and then use these to inform the design process. We also use post-launch analytics to validate the personas we create.

Our extensive keyword analysis and your corporate branding combine into an effective Web site design which is then developed and implemented. However, a Web site should never finish, periodic amendments must be made to enhance its effectiveness.

To support our clients we offer in house Internet Marketing, and Graphic Design services. In addition we have carefully selected partners to assist you in other areas, for example photography, copy-typing, and printing.

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